How to design a fair world? — The search for perfect balance in the Wonniw metaverse

Every day we are surrounded by inequality, society since the most ancient eras has been calibrated so that following the Law of Evolution, the stronger subject predominates the weaker one.

This assumption, through physical force, was valid for early human society and is still valid today in the interactions of the animal world.

Man over the ages has changed some variables of the dominance of species. Modern society has coined an alternative way of defining physical dominance through social dominance. Groups of people (commonly called nation states) through force (military and economic) dominate and control other social groups that are weaker and/or with fewer resources in order to maintain a status quo.

The aim is therefore not to improve the human condition, but to keep the social structure controlled by these groups of people, unaltered.

In this context is grafted the will of the metaverse Wonniw to redefine, through the mathematical models with perfect equilibrium conceived by Nash, a “game with perfect and complete information” that allows individual players a true and real opportunity for complete collaboration in order to achieve a positive result for all its participants.

This collaboration will be appreciated in the Wonniw metaverse through the graphic representation of several cities governed by their respective mayors. Every single city will compete to achieve a perfect balance represented by the parameter of “sustainability” and only reachable through the collaboration of all citizens towards the common goal.

Every single action carried out by citizens can lead to convergence or divergence regarding this parameter and mathematical models associated with the sustainability parameters will be constantly refined until the final launch of the Wonniw metaverse. After the launch, these models can only be modified through a vote of the DAO.

Initially, the following buildings will be envisaged, all of which will contribute to the definition of the sustainability parameter:

Administrative buildings:
City hall
- College
- School
- Kindergarten
- Courthouse
- Fire station
- Hospital
- Library
- Museum
- Police station
- University
- Aqueduct
- Solar plant
- Nuclear plant
- Playgrounds
- Department of Transportation

Mining facilities:
- Coal
- Copper
- Diamonds
- Gold
- Nickel
- Platinum
- Silver
- Titanium
- Uranium
- Zinc
- Rare earths
- Clay
- Sand
- Gas
- Petroluem

Production facilities:
Food industry
- Steel industry
- Engineering industry
- Defense industry
- Petrochemical industry
- Paper industry
- Construction industry
- Manufacturing industry
- Automotive industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Textile industry
- Chemical industry
- Electronics industry
- ICT industry
- Farms / Animal farms
- Fishing ships

Commercials facilities:
- Book shop
- Toys shop
- Cinema
- Coffee house
- Drugstore
- Fashion boutique
- Flower kiosk
- Pizza house
- Pub
- Restaurant
- Shoes shop
- Shopping mall
- Bakery
- Sushi bar
- Boutique cosmetics
- Yacht club
- Car dealer
- Warehouse
- Concert hall
- Vip club
- Stadium
- Bicycle Rental
- Bus Terminal
- Central Train Station
- Port
- Airport
- Spaceport
- TV Station
- Radio station

In the pre-alpha phase, the yield multipliers associated with each single building will be redesigned through neural networks to obtain a marginal utility value as close to the “Nash equilibrium”.

However, the interval integral of sustainability is not defined only by available buildings, but a broader function that will take into consideration the interaction and the ability to attract population of individual cities that are part of the Wonniw metaverse, the work of their mayors and in the future the ability of various cities to collaborate within a larger region.

The most complex aspect in defining interactions in the Wonniw metaverse will therefore be to be able to find a sufficient amount of incentives so that citizens are rewarded for their actions for the common good, and equally discouraged in seeking personal utility at the expense of collectivity and make this live permanently within the blockchain.

Our journey to achieve perfect balance has therefore just begun, a very long journey awaits us and we hope you will join us in completing this wonderful utopia and become a Winner.

In the next post, we will explore more of the wireframes currently under study and a first approach to the user interface.




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